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Wifi Iphone calling: how to make a wifi call?

The wifi calling iphone function allows Apple smartphone users to use a wifi network to make and receive calls. This is quite useful when you are in an area with low coverage or not covered by a mobile network. So, wherever you are in metropolitan zone, you will benefit from this Iphone wifi calling feature.

enable wifi calling iphone

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In this article you will discover how to make a wifi call on Iphone.

Resources needed for an wifi calling iphone.

To use the wifi calling iphone service, you must of course have an Iphone. The basic model being the Iphone 5c; or any other model superior to this one. In addition, your mobile operator must support the wifi call feature. You must also be in the coverage area of a wifi or hotspot terminal.

PS: it should be noted that if you leave the wifi coverage area during a call, the call will be interrupted all at once. However, it can switch automatically without interruption if you have 4G coverage.

Wifi call: Advantages and disadvantages.

You probably suspected it! As all things wifi calls also have negative and positive points.

The positive points of the wifi calling iphone.

On Iphone, you benefit from the following advantages with the wifi functionality:
An automatic and efficient continuity of your calls. So you can phone, go from the outside to the inside of a building and then to the basement, through the elevator all without interruption.
Optimized coverage; in areas not covered by your mobile operator, you only need to have access to a wifi connection.
Very easy to use: this configuration does not change your mobile's operating habits. This way, you can continue to make calls and exchange SMS messages as usual.

Negative points of the wifi calling iphone.

The free functionality, but not the service. Indeed, although the wifi call feature is natively installed on compatible mobiles, the service remains paid for, if you leave the wifi network during a call and the 4G network is unavailable, the communication will be interrupted. services such as the Multi-SIM Calls; Internet option, twin card and personalized tones (Fun Tones) are not compatible with the wifi calling iphone.

Wifi iphone call: first activation.

If your mobile phone is compatible, the first thing to do would be to have a plan available from your phone company.

Then you must activate the wifi call feature on your Iphone. To do this, follow the procedure below.

  1. Connect to the wifi network and pass the authentication.
  2. Then go to Settings.
  3. Then select Phone.
  4. Then click on Wifi calls.
  5. Now activate the Wifi Call feature by dragging the cursor to the right.

In the window that appears on the screen, click on activate

After this step, your smartphone is ready to make a wifi call. The "wifi" indication is displayed after the operator's name.

How to make or receive a wifi call?

Once the configuration of the wifi call is effective on your smartphone and you have subscribed to a compatible package, everything else is automatic. All you have to do is dial a contact and make your calls as you have always done. Switching between ordinary calls and wifi calls is automatic.

How to disable the wifi calling iphone feature?

The deactivation procedure is not so different from the activation procedure.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Connection.
  3. Then click on Wifi calls.
  4. This time drag the cursor to the left.
  5. Finally, in the shortcuts, drag the screen down and select Wifi calls.

Conclusion on the Iphone wifi call.

This feature is a strong feature for these times when ordinary calls are being overtaken by internet calls. Indeed, wifi telephoning is ideal when you are on holiday or on the move.

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WiFi that no longer works: What to do when you no longer have a connection?
We've all talked about it before: a WiFi connection that usually crashes at the best time when you watch a film streaming on emule island, or when you play your favorite game Fortnite? Or wifi doesn't work anymore when you get up one morning, and you don't know why? What to do in such a case? Call the hotline or Buy a new access point?

wifi connect

Why is it crashing?

Momentary failure of the access point, the bug
The most common thing, everything works fine, you're following a streaming movie and then all of a sudden without warning, the load slider turns the image freezes and you know it's the end.

And yet, at home your PC connected by Ethernet cable to your box works very well! This is most likely a temporary defect in the wifi card in your box, or in your wifi access point. That is, only the wifi is crashed and everything else is ok.

"Have you tried turning it off and on again? " (Understand who can, but this series is excellent). In short, restart your box or your wifi terminal following my instructions to make sure it resets properly.

Too much heat, a bug in the device's firmware, a bad day... The computer, sometimes it crashes (and the reasons for the problem can be varied)! If it's only an anecdote, restart the device and stay there, otherwise you'll have to look a little further....

Pure and simple failure of the access point, the failure

There things are a little different, your wifi frequently crashes several times a day, and only a restart of the access point temporarily solves the problem.

Log in to the administration interface of your box or access point, and check for any updates. If there is one, do it immediately. If the problem is not solved, it's bad luck.

Look for logic in these cuts. Do they always arrive at the same time? By always doing the same task? 

Following the same event? If so, you will find where it comes from, a microwave that is turned on every day at the same time, a virus, a drop in electrical voltage, anything is possible! Yes, yes you read correctly: a microwave can cause your WiFi connection to fail, and they are very often responsible for interference on home networks and the reason because they transmit on the same 2.4 gHz frequency as WiFi.

If there is no logic and these interruptions (only be careful with wifi, you still have internet on devices connected by cables) continue, your box or access point probably has a problem.

Contact your ISP (who will take you on a half-hour boat ride), or the brand of your router to see if the problem is known and if there is a solution, if not, you should consider changing the box or router.

Operator failure, no more Internet

It is ALWAYS necessary to check, whether or not you have access to the Internet on another device in your network using another connection mode. That is to say that if you no longer have a connection on your smartphone (wifi), you must check that your PC (connected in Ethernet) has Internet. If this is not the case, you simply no longer have access to the Internet. Your wifi works, but your box no longer has access to the Internet network.

What could it be from? If you have paid your invoice, then either your ISP has a failure and you have to wait for it to be fixed or the box has a bug and you have to try to restart it.

Bug in the device.

What if your wifi router (or box) was working, but it was your smartphone that was crashed?

Always also try to restart the device on which you are experiencing the connection problem. It's not long to do and it solves a lot of problems like that.

Stupid question

Stupid question, have you tried another website or service? Just because your YouTube video no longer works doesn't mean you no longer have wifi on your phone!

Try opening a browser page, and typing anything in the search bar, to make sure you are interested in the device in question. "Test, car, house, yellow, Poland, why don't I have wifi anymore? "whatever the search, if you get a feedback with a Google answer it's because your wifi works, but the service you were using has problems. Yes, even websites can crash and if the problem does not come from your side it is most likely that it is the server of the site that is inaccessible.

To verify this hypothesis, you can go to the downdetector site, and indicate the address of the site or service that is causing a problem, the site will tell you if other users have reported the same concern.

Wiring your network

If you can't solve your problems with my advice above, you should check your wiring. Maybe something disconnected? The RJ45 cable from the wifi router, the box, the power cable? Checking the cables is free of charge and at least you eliminate a simple failure before you look like an idiot to your operator's customer service.

Other alternatives.

Temporary breakdowns are numerous, we do not necessarily realize it, but the diffusion of the Internet is a complex thing that involves many actors and a lot of equipment. Maybe the cables in your repeater are oxidized? Maybe a network equipment on the other side of the country is down?

Often, on your ISP's website a list of known failures is available. It may be worth it, if you have another way to access the Internet (4G phone for example) to take a look at it.

In any case, keep in mind that even though the Internet is now an integral part of our daily lives, we have long lived without it. So there are other ways to deal with it, pending repair. Take a book, call a friend, make a board game, but don't forget to come back and see us when your wifi works again!

DUAL BAND WIFI ROUTER 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz : What wifi band to use?
The 2.4 GHz wifi bands, 5 GHz wifi bands you have probably already seen these numbers and put a question mark on what they represent. They actually refer to two different bands that your wifi network can use to get a signal. The main differences between the two frequencies are the distance travelled by your data and their speed, the most important being the speed.

wifi router

What is a Dual band wifi and Tri band  wifi router?

The good news is that the majority of recent routers use dual- or tri-band technology. A Dual band wifi router uses both the 2.4 gHz and 5 gHz bands to broadcast its network, offering you two networks to get the most out of both bands (range with 2.4 gHz and speed with 5 gHz). Two types of Dual-band routers exist:

Selectable Dual Band: A selectable Dual-Band WiFi router offers a 2.4 gHz network and a 5 gHz network, but you can only use one at a time. A switch on the router box will allow you to easily switch from 2.4 gHz to 5 gHz.
Simultaneous dual-band: A dual-band WiFi router broadcasts two WiFi networks simultaneously: a 2.4 gHz and a 5 gHz. Allowing you to choose.

Under the conceptual conditions, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi will support up to 450 Mbps or 600 Mbps, depending on the router class, while 5 GHz Wi-Fi will support up to 1,300 Mbps. The 2.4 GHz band provides coverage over a longer range, while the 5 GHz band provides lower coverage.
The explanation for a lower range in the 5 GHz band is that higher frequencies have difficulty penetrating solid objects, such as walls and floors. However, low frequencies allow data transmission much faster than low frequencies. Thus, with the 5 GHz band, you can download files faster than when using the 2.4 GHz band.

Interference from other devices on the wifi band.

The speeds of a wifi connection on a particular frequency band are also affected by interference from other devices. Many wifi enabled technologies and household devices use the 2.4 GHz band, such as microwaves, cordless phones and garage door openers. When several devices try to use the same radio space, this results in an overload because these devices add noise to the media, which reduces the speed of wireless networks.

The 5 GHz band is generally less overcrowded than the 2.4 GHz band because it is used by fewer devices, mainly because it has 23 channels, while the 2.4 GHz band has only 11 channels. However, the radar and military frequency is also 5 GHz and can therefore be slightly disturbed. Many countries require that wireless devices working in them must support dynamic frequency selection (DFS) and transmission power control (TPC).

dual band wifi

Which WiFi band should you use?

The choice depends a lot on the purpose of the group. The need for faster speeds makes 5 GHz a better choice than 2.4 GHz. If wireless range is more important to you, 2.4 GHz is the best choice. If many devices use 2.4 GHz and you experience interference or connectivity problems, the 5 GHz option is the option.

How do personal devices connect to wifi bands?

Note that, while a wifi network can use both bands, your personal devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops only connect to one radio band at a time. Each device has basic rules on which it decides on the connection of the tape. Your phone may connect to the 2.4 GHz band, while your laptop may connect to the 5 GHz band. This way, the device will decide which band it will use to connect.

For devices that only support the 2.4 GHz band, they will automatically connect to that band. Dual band wifi devices that support 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies automatically select a band based on different factors, such as signal strength.

Can you dictate a wifi band for your device?

Yes, depending on the device. Older devices are locked on the 2.4 GHz band, but there are Android devices that allow users to specify the band to be used to connect. All you have to do is follow a simple procedure; open the settings menu of your Android device, press wifi, then tap the three dots in the upper right corner, tap Advanced > Wifi frequency band, select the desired radio band.

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WHAT IS WiFi : everything you need to know about wireless broadband
 Wifi map

In this post, which is the very first of our blog, we will mainly present Wifi. To do this, we will therefore answer the questions in the best way possible;

  1. What is WiFi ?
  2. What is the use of WiFi ?
  3. How does WiFi work ?
  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of WiFi ?
  5. How to establish a Wi-Fi connection
  6. What is a Hotspot ?
  7. How does a Hotspot work ?
  8. How to secure a WiFi network ?
  9. Wifi: standardized frequencies

The objective here is to have a better control on the functioning of wifi networks and the tools necessary for the configuration of a wifi.

What is WiFi ? 

WiFi is the abbreviation for Wireless Fidelity and is simply a wireless local area network (WLAN) technology that transmits information by radio waves (electromagnetic) between the devices that carry this technology.

What is the use of WiFi ?

Indeed, WiFi is a very practical tool since it allows Internet users to connect easily to the wireless Internet. With a WiFi network, you can connect to the Internet from anywhere if you have the necessary equipment.

WiFi also avoids the aesthetic and practical disadvantages of all wired Internet connections. This way, you no longer have to stay near your modem or box and you can also connect to the Internet at any home vulture room without having wires lying around from one room to another.

This technology makes it much easier to create local networks between several computers connected by wifi to a single modem router. WiFi is therefore the ideal LAN solution to share the connection provided by your Internet provider between several computers and other accessories equipped with wifi.

How does WiFi work?

Just like your smartphone, a wifi network needs radio waves to transmit information through a network. To do this, a WiFi network requires a central terminal (modem or box) responsible for transmitting electrical waves; it translates the data to be sent into a radio signal. 
As the wireless network is a two-way traffic network, the data received from the Internet also passes through a wifi adapter on the receiving devices (mobile phone, tablet, computer, printer).

So to run a wifi network, the two essential elements are:

  • A wifi modem that is connected to your telephone jack. 
  • Then a wifi adapter that will communicate the equipment and the modem.

For a desktop computer this adapter can take different forms such as: a USB key, a network card, or a PCI - PCMIA expansion card, .

What are the advantages and disadvantages of WiFi?

Advantages of WiFi:

  • Mobility: The wireless network connection allows you to move freely within the available radius without having to plug and unplug anything.
  • Ease of installation and flexibility of use: A well configured WiFi network allows you to connect very easily, provided you have an authorization. Usually, it is sufficient to be in the coverage area to be connected.
  • Does not require a large investment: The wifi network uses very few elements compared to wired networks.
  • Scalability: The ease with which the network can be extended or restricted ensures that WiFi coverage always corresponds to real needs.
  • Ideal for temporary installations: with wifi, everything is wireless, and therefore very easy to pack up.

Disadvantages of WiFi:

  • Insufficient security: As WiFi is a wireless network, it is possible to access it without any hardware intervention. Hence the need to focus on network security if we want to avoid the presence of undesirables or the theft of personal data.
  • Rapid drop in data rates: although a well configured wifi network is very stable, it takes very little to disturb the signal (Bluetooth transmitter, for example).
  • Reduced range: the range of wifi networks does not generally extend to more than 100m.
  • Potential health problems (not proven)

What is a Hotspot? 

The term Hotspot is used to refer to a place where a wifi connection is available, usually free of charge. This type of Internet access point is located in clearly defined areas, such as a closed wireless network at home or in public places of high traffic such as stations, airports, restaurants, hospitals...

 How to establish a wifi connexion?

To access a Hotspot, your computer must have a wireless adapter. With the technological advance, most of the equipment has a wireless transmitter (wifi adapter) included by the manufacturer. 
Once started, your system automatically detects the hotspots and requests a wifi connection.

Wifi: standardized frequencies

For wifi networks, a standard is a rule established according to the distance and speed of the wifi network. The standards in the table below propose operating modes, allowing different flow rates to be obtained depending on the range and are called "physical standards". They correspond to revisions of the 802.117 standard.


Frequency Band

Flow rate

WiFi a (802.11a)
5 GHz6
54 Mbit/s
WiFi B (802.11b)
11 Mbit/s
WiFi G (802.11g)
54 Mbit/s

How to secure a WiFi network?

Securing your Wifi network is indeed the essential step to prevent unhealthy users from accessing your wireless network.

In the structure of your network, the router or modem is like a doorway to enter the network and therefore the Internet through your network.
With regard to wifi; the network is said to be open if there is no security system everyone can connect (door open).
The network is said to be secure if there is at least one security system. Thus, only those with the key will be able to connect (door closed).

You have below the essential points to secure your wifi network.
  1. Encrypt your Wi-Fi network
  2. Change the default password of the box
  3. Update your box
  4. Do MAC filtering
  5. Change the network name

As for wifi security protocols; There are two main types of protocols:
WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) is a method of encrypting wifi that takes the form of a secret key encoded in 64 or 128 bits.

WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) which is another wifi security protocol that offers better security than WEP.  It uses dynamic TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) keys to individually authenticate each device connected to the wifi network.

To know a little more I advise you to read this post which says more about Wifi Dual Band.

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Android Security | Best Antivirus For Android Phones Free
This guide introduces you to a selection of the best free Android antivirus software. Something to choose from if you want to protect your smartphone with one of these tools. Before going any further, keep in mind that antivirus software is not essential on a smartphone, especially if you use it with a few basic security measures in mind.

Android antivirus

What is an antivirus?

An antivirus is a computer program (whether on a computer, mobile device, etc.) that is developed to provide real-time protection for the system. Its main role is to be able to detect all potential dangers, propose solutions to eradicate them or monitor suspicious behaviour of the system and the files stored on it to protect you from any security risk. Now, let's discover some of the best antivirus software on the market.

The best free antivirus software on Android

This selection that we have tested cannot of course be exhaustive, but offers a good overview of the antivirus offer. These applications have been chosen for their interface, their efficiency, and the fact that they provide free of charge the basic functionalities that can be expected from a worthy antivirus. But don't forget, the best antivirus is still you and your caution!

360 Security.

It is also one of the best Android antivirus. It is currently used on more than 200 million android smartphones worldwide. In addition to offering all the necessary security for a mobile phone, this android antivirus offers you many other features.

First, it is a RAM booster, so it will kill unnecessary applications in the background. It also offers a new intelligent battery saving feature to help you monitor the most energy-intensive applications and conserve your battery.

Secondly, its main advantage is its lightness, in fact, you will only need less than 1 MB to store the application, it is the lightest antivirus of all Android security applications for Android phone. After installation
 of this best antivirus for Android, which is almost insignificant for your storage space, you will find yourself faced with a very simple interface that goes to the heart of the matter with an Android security module.

  • Quick scan.
  • Complete and personalized
  • The SpIDer Guard
  • The statistics of your android mobile.

I'm not going to go back to its android security module (scan) which works the same way as all other android security applications. The SpIDer Guard is the android security monitor that monitors your device in real time to intervene at any time in case of detection of potential threats.  It is devilishly effective and formidable. A persistent notification will then appear for faster access to Android security apps.

Avast for antivirus 

We find the security application developed by Avast for antivirus protection in mobile version that is intended to be effective. An even more complete menu is available for this mobile version of avast. Whether it's virus scanning, simply blocking applications or protecting your privacy, everything seems to be present in this version for android.

In addition, the application offers a firewall to manage the traffic (Wi-Fi, and data) of your applications as you wish. A task that might seem difficult for those who would like to manually configure each application. The "Privacy" tab allows you to collect a lot of information about your phone and in particular your mobile operator.

  • The parameters allow, among other things
  • Update the Avast database
  • Block the application with a PIN code

Dr.Web Security

Dr.Web, an Android security application that is not only an excellent antivirus software, but also integrates a very large number of features. So, we have:

  • A powerful antispam.
  • An accelerated scanning system.
  • Internet security for Android (Internet access control).
  • An anti-theft device (for cases of loss or theft).
  • Finally, a complete firewall makes Dr.Web another better Android antivirus application.

But as I was saying, beyond its advantages, this antivirus has a big disadvantage.

Indeed, although you can download this free Android phone security application, it is far from complete. You probably remember the presence of the word Light in the title. To unlock the full functionality of Android phone security applications, you will have to pay €58.13 for the best Android security application ever.

Kaspersky antivirus

Kaspersky is one of the pillars of PC antivirus software and has necessarily become a must on smartphones. Its application security applications for Android phone is very well thought out and it also allows some features that we welcome.

  • The location of the smartphone.
  • Blocking calls from unwanted numbers.
  • Blocking unwanted numbers.
  • Protects your Android Wear watch.

It's true that you can never be too careful! In any case Kaspersky antivirus brings all its expertise on Android security and then you have to admit that the application is quite nice for an antivirus.

AVG antivirus android

AVG is an antivirus already well known on PC and is also doing quite well on mobile devices. The main menu is also simple and very quickly accessible. The "Analyze" button at the bottom will have made it possible to scan the phone and even detect 4 threats!

But don't worry, it doesn't mean that Lookout didn't do his job properly. Simply that the detected threats are as follows:

The AVG Antivirus security app for Android offers to check the performance of its device, in particular the battery status, temperature and health. In addition, it even offers the possibility of defining an energy saving mode.

Finally, the application offers everything you need for scanning files.
real-time protection when you surf the Internet
the analysis of your SMS messages
Options to protect your applications
Call blocking.

In short, AVG for android, for which we have not much to blame, although it is a little too extensive and perhaps a little too strict in its analyses.

Macaffe antivirus android

Another IT security leader has been added to the list. McAfee antivirus is known to many Windows users. The publisher provides a security application that improves the performance and security of Android smartphones, as explained by the publisher in his fact sheet on the Play Store. McAfee is one of the security applications that offers an all-in-one solution.
Thus we will find in this android security application some very useful features for the protection of user data.

Anti-spyware antivirus

This antivirus prevents thieves from accessing your personal data
Remote data erasure: erases selected data or restores factory settings with your anti-theft functions
Backup of SMS, contacts and data recovery.
Locate, track and alarm: find your phone, locate it on a map, trigger an audible alarm or get step-by-step help to retrieve it.
Anti-theft protection against uninstallation: prevent a thief from uninstalling your application.

  • Manage your mobile security antivirus app remotely via the web portal @ or via SMS from any mobile phone or tablet
  • Pair your Android Wear, S.O.S.
  • Application protection
  • identify apps that put your personal data at risk
  • Call blocking and SMS filtering

Norton Antivirus and Security

Now it's time to apply Symantec: Norton Antivirus. Although the free version will not be as effective, the company has done the right thing to encourage consumers to subscribe. However, for your use, you can be satisfied with the free antivirus that I detail here.

Like Avira, it will only fulfil its primary function, which is to protect your personal data from viruses. You can then scan your system for threats.Nevertheless, the latest versions of this android security application have made up for the mistakes of the past. As a result, Norton remains an undisputed reference in the field of IT security. And prove it perfectly with its mobile security applications.

You can upgrade the Norton application to take advantage of free options provided by the other solutions presented earlier in this post.  The difference will still be felt with the expertise of IT security specialists who will provide the necessary tools to make your android smartphone a real safe that is practically impassable for viruses.

In any case, the free version of this android antivirus is all you need to ensure optimal protection and free of charge.

Security Master - Antivirus & AppLock, Booster

CM Security is the android antivirus developed by Cheetah Mobile, a specialist in mobile security. This latest addition, is one of the best android antivirus available at the moment. Because this application has indeed received 7 times the Oscar for the best antivirus in the world.

Although it does not come from a very large antivirus company like those mentioned above (Symantec, Avast...), Security Master does its job properly. In addition, this security application is much more than an antivirus. In addition to protecting you from viruses through full scans, it also integrates:

  • A call blocker
  • An application lock
  • A performance booster
  • A cleaner of unwanted files 
  • A safe on the cloud.

Contrary to what can be seen in the field, CM Security has a very simple interface that will not confuse you with unnecessary components. When it is launched, a huge SCAN button shows you the way and a side menu will show you all the security features. This is partly what explains the lightness of the application (8 MB), it is one of the lightest.

In addition, the security of your phone will be ensured in real time.  Because this android security application leaves nothing to be desired.

  • Continuous scanning of the phone
  • Scanning the SD card
  • Your internet browsing is also controlled
  • Protection against malicious sites (very effective).

The speed is also there; the complete scan is very, very fast (a few seconds, even minutes at max). She accumulates glossy points giving a score of 4.7/5 on the PlayStore.  It is the antivirus application with the highest score of our selection.

In addition, with its set of very useful features, lightweight, with a total of 8 MB and free of charge, for an application without advertising, registration or subscription.

Sophos best antivirus android 2018

The android antivirus application Sophos Mobile Security won the AV Test award for best antivirus protection in 2015 and 2016. This is free and contains no advertising. As protection, the application blocks unwanted websites that may be dangerous for users. All applications are scanned for malicious content.

  • Web filtering
  • Blocking websites with malicious, unwanted or illegal content.
  • Apps protection
  • Password protection for apps
  • Wi-Fi security
  • Check your connection for interception attacks
  • List of apps accessing personal data
  • List of apps that may incur costs.
  • Security Advisor
  • Tips to optimize the safety of your device.
  • Protection against unwanted calls

Avira - Free Antivirus

Avira, much appreciated by these PCs for its formidable efficiency, speed and low resource consumption, which is pleasantly found on Android. This security application adopts a very simplified interface that goes to the heart of the matter.

The analysis performed covers all the files stored on the internal memory and the micro SD card. For the rest, we find:

  • An anti-theft device to locate your lost or stolen Android device
  • Options to lock it remotely
  • The ability to remotely delete the data stored on it.
  • Block unwanted contacts.

In somes, it is a free android antivirus that is quite discreet on your system. With Avira commea Antivirus on your Android device to protect you from viruses, you'll have everything you need to stop worrying about losing your data or being a victim of malware.

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Best wifi analytics app for Iphone and Android.
For a start, a wifi analysis app will give you a general overview of your wifi connection. To get the most out of your Internet connection, it is important that your wifi network is optimized in the best way possible.

netgear wifi analytics

For people living in big cities, the one with common wifi signposts. And according to the Wireless Broadband Alliance, the total number of public hotspots could increase sevenfold by 2020, from 64.2 million in 2015 to 432.5 million in 2020.

Wifi analysis app are practical and ideal for this task. Indeed, they are very useful and those since any time. First, to use a wifi analysis app you just need your smartphone or tablet. Secondly, they are mostly free, but also very easy to use.

We have selected 10 wifi analysis app running on Android or Iphone. This way you won't have to waste time trying the lying or lower level apps of the Play Store and the App Market.

WIFI Analysis App: why do you need to scan your wifi network?

With the advent of new technologies and globalization, access to the Internet is now one of the most essential things. Internet access allows us to stay connected at all times, to have real-time information, to communicate and to have fun. For this, there is nothing better than reliable Internet access with high speed, which is not really won. Indeed, wifi connections are generally used by several devices, which limits the speed of the connection.

In addition, the wifi coverage is not uniform, either in terms of range or signal strength. The range and strength of a wifi signal depends heavily on several parameters held by the environment where the wifi router is located. In practice, depending on where you place your wifi router, you may be able to cover your entire house as well as not be able to cover a single room. Unless you use a wifi scanning application to analyze your coverage and the strength of your wifi signal, you could spend hours blindly searching for the ideal location for your wifi router.

To analyze your wifi coverage, you can use a professional wifi network analysis application, or you can use an Android or Iphone application that offers the same features as professional wifi network analysis applications. Thus, you will have a more detailed view of your wifi network thanks to the wifi analysis app. And therefore all the features and tools that allow you to better optimize your wifi network.

What are the qualities and features of a good wifi analysis app ?

First of all, a good Androi or Iphone application should bug as little as it can. And it is the same for a wifi analysis app. Indeed, there is nothing more uncomfortable than having to use an application full of bugs. The bugs in question compromise the accuracy of the measurements made by the wifi analysis app. Some bugs are likely to generate critical failures and errors.

  • Like all good mobile applications, a good wifi analysis app is very user-friendly and intuitively designed.
  • All important information must fit on a smartphone display.
  • The design of the wifi analysis app must be as careful as possible so that users are not lost.
  • In addition, it must not only be up to date but also have technical support available.
  • Finally, it is essential that the wifi analysis app supports the latest standards and wifi technologies.
This is why applications have been developed to determine the quality and quantity of your wifi signal.

How to get a wifi analysis app?

Wifi analysis applications can be downloaded from almost anywhere on the Internet. Indeed, they are freely available for most of them. No need to pay to get a powerful wifi scanning application. Nevertheless, it is important that the site on which you download your wifi analysis app is a reliable website.

Wifi analysis app for IOS and Androi.

Our selection of the 5 best wifi analysis app for IOS, uis the 5 best wifi analysis app for android. These wifi analysis app will allow you to analyze and optimize your wifi connection from your smartphone.

Top 5 Wifi analysis app for IOS

  • Network Analyzer | Best wifi analysis app

This application has been designed to help iPhone users troubleshoot various network problems, such as a bad signal, untimely disconnections or high latency. Network Analyzer has a powerful Wi-Fi scanner that can quickly and reliably detect all surrounding networks.
You can also use the wifi Network Analyzer analysis application to make a DNS resolution, test your download speed and discover all the essential information of any wifi network. 
To be able to take advantage of all the features offered by Network Analyzer, you will have to pay $3.99, which is reasonable given everything the application can do.

  • Fing | Free wifi analysis app

Fing is a free and very easy to use wifi analysis app. Currently, Fing is already used by millions of users for wifi network analysis, network device detection and diagnosis of common wifi problems.
The wifi Fing analysis application includes a wifi scanner with very advanced analysis capabilities, an internet connectivity verification system, a subnetwork scanner, a port scanner, intruder detection tools, and then tools to help identify devices by IP address, among other things.

  • Scany | The fast analysis wifi app

Although the dark theme of the Scany wifi scanning app suggests that this is a hacking app ; in fact, Scany is one of the best wifi analysis app for IOS that exists.
The Scany wifi analysis application detects all surrounding networks and provides you with the information you need. It provides the following information, among others: the strength of the signal, the computers and devices connected to it ...
In addition to wireless analysis, Scany also offers a fast port scanner and a real-time network path trace monitor. Like most wifi analysis app for iOS, Scany costs $5.99 and is compatible with all the latest Iphones.

  • NETGEAR Genie | A reference wifi analysis app

NETGEAR WiFi Analytics is another application that is quite intuitive and faster. Thus, it offers its users a time saving and a lot of reliability to analyze and maintain a Wifi Internet access.
The NETGEAR WiFi Analytics wifi analysis application includes a wide range of features with which you can obtain accurate analyses on your WiFi connection. You will be able to use this wifi analysis app as an accurate measurement tool with which you can obtain advanced analyses on the strength and quality of your wifi signals. Because find all the useful information on your wifi network.

  • WiFi Analyzer | A wifi analysis app that is worth its price

You are with wifi Analyzer, you can discover the journey that takes in data packet leaving your smartphone for your router, and much more.
The current (most recent) release of WiFi Analyzer quickly detects all the wifi networks in the area.

Then collect and make available information such as BSSID, SSID, IP address, subnet mask and many others. In addition, a speed test integrated into the wifi analysis app allows you to measure the actual download speed of your wifi network.
This counterpart, WiFi Analyzer is a paid wifi analysis application and costs $5.99.

Top 5 Wifi analysis app for Android.

Every Android or Iphone Smartphone user must be permanently connected to the Internet to enjoy all the features of their phone.

  • Wifi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer is one of the first Wi-Fi network analysis applications for Android, and it is still one of the best applications available. If it were to be described in one word, it would be "simplicity". With Wifi Analyzer, you will not be overwhelmed by options and features.

In addition, the application does only one thing, but does it extremely well: it creates a graph that shows all wireless networks, and indicates on which channel each of them works.

As soon as you launch Wifi Analyzer, you know which networks overlap and which channel is the least used. Wifi Analyzer is free, financed by ads.


  • Wifi Channel Graph
  • Wifi Signal Strength Graph
  • Wifi Scanner
  • Channel Interference Analyzer
  • Signal Strength Meter

  • Network Signal Info

Network Signal Info is a perfect alternative to Wifi Analyzer, for people who want to get as much information as possible about the network they use. Among other features, Network Signal Info offers accurate signal strength measurement and a convenient display.

If you choose to analyze only one network, Network Signal Info displays the network name (SSID), BSSID, MAC address, maximum Wi-Fi network speed, IP address, external IP address, net capacity, net channel, subnet mask, gateway IP address, DHCP server address, DNS1 and DNS2 addresses, and many other things.

However, there is also a paid version of Network Signal Info, which does not contain any advertising and offers more useful features.

  • OpenSignal

OpenSignal is a powerful Wi-Fi network analysis application that contains a plethora of features specifically designed to control Wi-Fi and your laptop. This application can display the position of the nearest relay antenna, perform speed and latency tests, create a map of coverage and connection quality, provide you with all the information about wireless networks, and much more.
The application is free and does not include advertising, which is rather surprising given everything it can accomplish. This is definitely the application you need if you want to do a thorough analysis of your network.

  • Locating nearest mobile tower
  • Identify accurate signal strength
  • Perform speed & latency tests
  • Getting exact wireless information
  • Detecting connection quality
  • In- depth network analysis
You can download this app for free and it doesn’t support any ads as well. So, install this app if you want to perform a detailed network analysis.

  • Network Signal Info

Network Signal Info is a perfect alternative to Wifi Analyzer, for people who want to get as much information as possible about the network they use. Among other features, Network Signal Info offers accurate signal strength measurement and a convenient display.


  • Wifi Channel Graph
  • Wifi Signal Strength Graph
  • Wifi Scanner
  • Channel Interference Analyzer
  • Signal Strength Meter

  • ScanFi

With ScanFi, you can turn any Android device into a powerful wireless network analyzer with an abundance of advanced features that make it easy to analyze Wi-Fi networks.

The ScanFi application allows you to retrieve information about the surrounding wireless networks, view their activity on a graphical display and view their signal strength and speed history. And the application doesn't cost a penny to download.


  • Shows accurate data on available access points
  • Graphical representation of wireless network activity
  • Shows data on strength & speed of the network
  • Provides data on hidden access points
ScanFi helps you convert any compatible Android device into a perfect WiFi analyzer

  • WiFi Monitor

WiFi Monitor is an efficient Wi-Fi network analyzer for Android, whose user interface is divided into several tabs.

The Connection tab displays information about the Wi-Fi network used, the Network tab allows you to compare all available Wi-Fi networks according to several different settings.


  • Router Setup Page
  • Traceroute
  • Wifi Analyzer
  • Ping
  • IP & Host converter

The Channels tab shows the distribution of traffic on the different channels, the "Force" graph is useful to identify where the signal is weak and, finally, the "Speed" graph displays information about the data received and transmitted.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Virus Protection for Mac | Best Antivirus for Mac

Antivirus for Mac : Do I need an antivirus for my Mac?

Although security on Mac is more effective than on windows; Maccooks still need an antivirus for mac because they are not safe from malware, spam, viruses, hacking, vacuuming... and many other types of computer threats.

internet security software

By default (without antivirus for Mac), a macbook is more secure than a Windows Computer against computer threats (threat of any kind).

In general, Macs are less likely to be targeted by computer attacks and threats for two main reasons:

Indeed OS X, is based on a Unix structure and thus integrates a certain number of security functions; that is why it is said to be better protected than Windows.

In addition, the OS X market is smaller than the Windows market. Thus, He is less likely to be targeted by cybercriminals.

Still, we should not understand that just because computer threats are less recurrent on Macbooks than Mac computer users do not have to worry about them.

internet security software, best security software, free security software

We find on Mac almost all the types of manaces indexed to this day; And notably the most widespread  are:

Types of viruses and  on mac computers.

MALWARE: Malware is the contraction of the English terms malicious and software. It refers to malware attacking computers, mobile devices and connected objects.

best security software

COMPUTER VIRUS: Viruses are malware that infect executables. A virus inserts a piece of code into the executable file that at runtime will load the malware into memory.

COMPUTER WORM: These are malicious programs that can spread themselves from one computer to another.

SPYWARE: Spyware or Trojan Horse software is malicious software hidden in software presented as holy.

KEYLOGGER: keystroke loggers that are used to retrieve passwords. A keylogger can be either software (programs running on the operating system) or hardware keyloggers (devices that are connected to a keyboard).

ROOTKIT: Rootkits is malware known for its ability to hide itself in the system.

ROGUES OR SCAREWARES: this one can be seen as the predecessor of Ransomware.

BACKDOOR OR BACKDOOR: backdoor are back doors that allow you to control a computer or system.

RANSOMWARES: Computer threats are computer threats that take the computer or documents hostage and ask to pay a sum of money to recover access to them.

BROWSER HIJACKER: In order to impose a search engine on the start page and search engine by default, hacking of web browsers is done by malware that modifies the settings of web browsers.

PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs): are potentially undesirable programs.

So now that you are sure that computer threats are indeed present on Mac OS, how can you protect yourself against all these computer threats?

How to get the best virus protection for mac?

internet security software, security software, computer security software, best security software, free security software
In order to better protect against these computer threats, it is advisable to use anti-virus protection for mac.

I suspect you already know that! So I remind you it's just for the fact that although it's obvious to use an entivirus to protect against computer threats and attacks, choosing the antivirus solution for Mac or even Windows is not so simplistic.

Because to choose the ideal antivirus there are a few security and environmental settings that you will need to consider only, in order to choose the best antivirus for Mac.

For this reason we have designed for you a complete set of antivirus security software. This list represents our top list of the best antivirus products for Mac.

You will easily find the perfect security software to be on your Mac depending on your needs, its utility and the threats you think you are exposed to.

This list is really not an official ranking, but nevertheless they are based on pobular trends, feedback from users of these antivurus for Mac and finally the answer of many online antivirus comparisons and especially the laboratories computer security specialist.

Mac security: The top 10 antivirus software for mac

The security software on this list is the one that has a good return in performance quality among all the security software for mac tested.

internet security software, security software, free security software

Avira Antivirus for Mac | the best virus protection for mac.

Avira is generally the best in its category (antivirus for mac), and it is free! The tool is already well known to Windows PC users, and provides your computer with protection against Spyware, Malware, viruses and intercept suspicious traffic. It is very regularly updated.

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac | free antivirus for mac

According to the IT security company "AV Comparatives", this software detects and removes 100% of threats, including eventual adware, while having a minimal impact than the others on the performance of the device in which it is used.

Antivirus software for mac | Norton Security for Mac

The Norton Security Suite allows you to protect up to five different devices, which can combine Mac, PC, Android and IOS. Thus, it protects against malware, as well as Phishing sites. The protection of all your devices is managed via an intuitive and very easy to use web portal.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac | Full Mac security

In line with its reputation, Kaspersky antivirus for mac offers a set of highly effective, cloud-based features: Parental Control, secure online shopping, privacy and identity theft protection and many other security tools. Kaspersky detects 100% of viruses and its overall impact on the system is most honourable.

Avast Mac Security | Word popular antivirus for mac

The world's most popular antivirus software is also available on Mac. In addition to the basic functions expected of an antivirus software, this security software offers very interesting features such as scanning email attachments, scanning scripts automatically loaded by web pages. And also a very convenient drag and drop function to analyze a particular file.

Sophos Antivirus | The first mac antivirus

Sophos is the very first antivirus for Mac and therefore the founder of cybersecurity on Mac. But despite this experience and the database of virus definitions very regularly updated in addition to features close to the competition, this antivirus seems, according to several sources, not very effective in some situations. Because it would not have detected all malware during several security tests.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle | Those who do not remove malware on Mac.

Is a computer security tool that provides a complete security suite for personal and professional use. It includes many features: antivirus and network protection, automatic scans and updates, parental control, automatic backup functionality. 
But it should be noted that this is directly sanctioned by a drop in performance in terms of speed.

McAfee | A true antivirus software for mac

He is one of the leaders in Internet security. Its flagship product, McAfee LiveSafe, is a complete security suite that provides users with complete protection for all their laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. A LiveSafe license whit antivirus for mac covers an unlimited number of devices, making it particularly convenient for users who want to protect multiple computers and devices. Although, its virus detection rate is 95.2%.

The publisher of this security software also seems to be redoubling its efforts to limit the impact of its antivirus software on the battery as much as possible, as well as on the overall performance of the Computers. Similarly, we should note that this one also works on Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch, the only real downside is that it does not protect against Phishing.

F-Secure | Easy pack antivirus for mac.

this sécurity suite offers a range of products that cover all security threats, including identity theft, mobile security, Internet security and virus and hacking security.